Like most women, I prefer to lose weight fast, it is satisfying to see results quickly and it is a major confidence booster when those around you are commenting on how great you look and how much thinner you have become.
The Acai Berry Detox is renowned for being full of essential antioxidants and nutrients; it very effectively clears out the colon by rapidly getting rid of toxins and waste.
I ordered my Acai Detox pack on the Internet and it arrived a few days later. The packaging clearly states that in order to lose weight fast you must take the required dose on a daily basis and never skip any. I didnt foresee this being a problem as once Im in the frame of mind to cleanse my body Im pretty good at sticking to it.
Acai Berry is a Brazilian fruit with many remarkable benefits. What immediately attracted me to the Acai Berry Detox were its purification abilities, which are the most powerful ever to have been discovered.
After following the Acai detox for a week, I could see some very encouraging results. My hair was shinier and thicker; my skin was definitely clearer and had a certain glow about it. I was beginning to feel like I had more energy and I had definitely lost weight.
Although, like with any detox body weight can fluctuate and your mood can be affected, I can honestly say I only felt a bit flat and sluggish on the second day, by day three I felt the cleansing effect and my metabolism was certainly beginning to speed up as I felt full of energy and the need to cleanse body parts Id forgotten existed such as body brushing my thighs and lower behind.
Over the years Ive tried a number of Detox diets in a bid to lose weight fast and I can self-assuredly assert that the Acai Berry Detox is by far the most effective Ive ever tried. In fact I was so impressed by it I would be happy to follow it at least twice, maybe even four times a year; really whenever the need arises for me to lose weight fast and revive my flagging body.